Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello live music fans, 

I've been getting some feedback about people using the blog to find music and that is good to hear. A musician said that a lot of his followers check Vero Beach Live to find out where they are playing. 

Please write me at and let me know how you and your friends are using the blog and any comments you have. And let club owners and musicians know how you found them. Thanks. 

"Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night..." 

That's for sure!  It's once again time for the Wednesday night dance party at the 14th Ave. Steakhouse, a gathering of music lovers, dancers and friendly people. This party features Kent Taylor Brown on keyboard, sax and guitar and Jeff Haley shakes it up with the vocals. 
It takes place in the lounge and there's plenty of parking in back. 

Or, if you want to go to the island, there's always a great band, The Jacks, at Blue Star and Bungled and Botched at Waldos.  While you're over there, stop by Vinz Wine Bar over by the beach market or Havana Nights at South Beach.

(Live music is subject to last minute changes. To be certain, call the club to confirm talent and timeSee green toolbar above.) 

Wednesday, 4/10
 >14th Ave. Steakhouse - Kent Taylor Brown & Jeff Haley, 6 -9  (Dancing) Every Wed.

 >Blue Star - The Jacks, (rock n roll)  - 8 - 12 ? 

>Waldo's on the beach - Bungled and Botched,   7 - 10  Every Wed thru April. 

>YNOT Club - M.J. Wicker, (acoustic guitar/vocals) 7 - 10 (Dancing!) Every Wed. 
>Havana Nights Piano Bar - Piano and vocals6 - 9 (and on) (Dancing) Every Wed.

>Vinz Wine bar, Jazz? For sure!  Please call for info, (guitar/vocals) 

>Kilted Mermaid, Ben Prestage, 8:30 - 11:30

Thursday, 4/11
  >American Bar & Grill - Johnny Nick 6 - 9+   (Some dancing)  Every Thurs.         
                                                                                          (except third Thurs. - Beatle Guys)  
>Blue Star Wine Bar - Ed Shanaphy, (piano jazz) 7:30 - 11  (Some dancing)     Every Thurs. 

 >Waldo's on the beach - Steven & Joe's Open Mic, 7-10   Every Thurs.

>DiMare Restaurant - Neal McHugh, (guitar/vocals) 7 - 10    Every Thurs.

>Bono's BBQ- Blue Grass, 6 - 8    Every Thurs.

>YNOT Club - Karaoke Gong!, 7-11- (Dancing!)    Every Thurs.

>Havana Nights Piano Bar - Piano and vocals, 6 - 9 + (Dancing)   Every Thurs.

Friday, 4/12
     >14th Ave. Steakhouse - Kent Taylor Brown sitting in for Reckoning  6-9 (Dancing!) Every Fri.
    >Kelley’s Irish Bar & Deli -Deja Vu will be there!, 8 - 11  (Dancing,) Every Fri.
    >Di Mare’s Piano Bar - Johnny Nick, (piano, vocals) 7-10 Every Fri.
    >Cobalt Room - Curtis Hill7 til...10? 11?  (Dancing!) Every Fri.
    >Blue Star Wine Bar, - Mike Marshall, (surf rock), 8:30 - 12

   >Patio Restaurant, Crooked Creek, 7 - 10 ? 

 >Vinz Wine Bar - TBA, 7 - 10

     >CJ Cannon's Restaurant - Top Hats - from 5:30 Every Fri. 

   > American Bar and Grill  - Julie Lendon, (vocals)  5 - 8  

  >Kilted Mermaid - The Sweet Chariots, 8:30 - 11:30

  > Will's 55 - Low Key, 7 - 10   Every Fri. thru April

>Shuckdaddy's Rock n Raw Bar, Stoney and the House Rockers, 8 - 11:30

>Waldo's on the beach, Mojo Sandwich,  8 - 11

>Dockside Grill, MJ Wicker (acoustic guitar,vocals) 6 - 9  Every Fri. 

>Inlet Wine and Brew, Latin Night w/Oscar Alvarado, 7:30 -10:30? 

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