Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friday 1/30,

Vince and Eddie at Kelley's Irish Pub
Two Italians (yeah, I know. You didn't expect Danny Boy did you?)
 who know how to get people up dancing! 

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the weekend! Although every day is the weekend for a lot of people here and truth is...they've earned it! Taking care of business all those, live it up, people.  Enjoy the mellow weather, the grand kiddies, the fishing and golfing, but most of all, enjoy the live music and the wonderful musicians who make it!  

                              Friday, 1/30
                            Mainland Vero    

         Blue Star Bourbon Bar – Ladies of Soul , 8:30                         

        Cork and Tapas – none listed, 8:30

        Dockside Grille – MJ Wicker, 6-9 (Every Fri)

14th Avenue Steakhouse – Steve Milligan,   6-9

Filthy’s Pubbery – none listed,  8pm

Grille on the Green – none listed,  6:30 -9:30

        JJ’s Bar and Grill, (33 1/3 on 60) – none listed, (call 567-8321 and tell management to let VBLive know who’s playing!)  8-12

Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – Deja Vu,  8 – 11, (Every Friday)
                                                                                          Dance !

Kilted Mermaid – Beartoe Duo,   8:30 – 11:30     

Long Branch Saloon – Devil’s Cut,  9–1 ish,  Dance!
The Patio – none listed,  8-11

Quilted Giraffe Rest.- Tony and Holly, Sing!  
                                                                                   6:30 – 9:30    Dance!   

 V B Veterans Club-  Wanda’s Karaoke,  8 pm (Every Fri)

C.J. Cannons Restaurant –Debbie Murphy sings Billy Mure, 5:30                                              

                                             Beachside Venues  

  Cobalt Room – none listed

DiMare’s Restaurant & Piano Bar none listed, 6-9

Havana Nights Piano Bar – Antonio York, 6-9 (Every Fri)

Orchid Island Brewery – Will and Anna,  8-11

Riverside Café – none listed, 6 to 8 pm

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Rebecca McIlvain, 6:30-9:30                                                                                                                
Waldo’s  - Matt and Bruce, 8pm


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wednesday 1/28 and Thursday, 1/29

Hello all you happy live- music lovers, certainly glad to be in sunny, chilly Florida right now instead of...(fill it in.)
 Hope you are enjoying all that lovely Vero has to offer! 


 I've seen the new Vero Chamber's plans for 2015 and it's very exciting! All business owners need make it a point to accept this invitation: 

                               You're Invited to Join Us for a Special
                                      Cocktails & Commerce
                                  Featuring Food and Spirits
                            at the All New
                         Patio Seafood Tavern
Members - Prospective Members and Guests.
You are cordially invited to join us for our January
Cocktails and Commerce business networking function.
We are excited to welcome the New Patio Seafood Tavern to Vero Beach. There will be food and drink specials and you will hear about the exciting events planned for 2015. If you have never been to a Cocktails and Commerce event this is the one to attend.
Patio Seafood Tavern  
 1103 21st St.
Vero Beach, Fl 32960

January 29, 2015
From 5pm to 7pm

                            Wednesday, 1/28
                              Mainland Vero
          Blue Star Bourbon Bar – TBA, 8:30
     Cork and Tapas – none listed

Dockside Grille –M.J. Wicker, 6 – 9  (Every Wed)

14th Avenue Steakhouse –Kent Taylor Brown & Jeff Haley, [every  Wednesday], 6-9pm  Dancing!!

        Grille on the Green none listed

JJs Bar and Grill – none listed

Kelley’s Irish Bar– none listed

Kilted Mermaid –Open Mic, (every Wednesday)    

         The Long Branch Saloon – none listed (Line dance lessons!)

          Quilted Giraffe –Doo-wop, Johnny and Tony, 6pm –9pm 
          Vero Beach Veterans – Wanda’s Karaoke,  7:30 pm

         Wilke’s 14 Bones BarBQ – Crooked Creek, every other Wed. Best to call to see if they are there.

           Beachside Venues

Cobalt Room – none listed

DiMare’s Restaurant & Piano Bar – None listed

Havana Nights Piano Bar – Bobby Gangloff, 6 – 9  (Every Wed.

Riverside Café – Ryan Owens, acoustic, 6 – 8:30 pm  

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar Jackie Steil, 6:30-9:30 (Every Wed)

Waldo’s – Rick Collins & Co., 7-10  

Miscellaneous: There is also a karaoke gathering at the Elks Club (26th Street and U.S. 1) most Wednesdays from 7 to 10. Guests welcome. Now, karaoke also on Monday’s!!

                           Thursday, 1/29
                            Mainland Vero
          (‘ None listed’ means no music that I know about.)

      Blue Star Bourbon Bar – Ed Shanaphy, piano jazz, 8:30

      Cork and Tapas – Josh Dobson, Open Mic, 7pm (Every Thursday)

Dockside Grille – none listed

14th Avenue Steakhouse – none listed

Grille on the Green – none listed, 6:30 – 9:30pm

JJ’s Bar & Grill – none listed

Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed
          Kilted Mermaid – none listed

           Long Branch Saloon – They got line dancing!

           Quilted Giraffe – Johnny Nick, 6 -9 (Every Thursday)

Vero Beach Veterans – none listed– 8pm

Wilke’s Fourteen Bones BBQ – Matt & Bruce, Bluegrass, 6pm [Every Thursday]


  Beachside Venues

Cobalt Room – none listed

DiMare’s Restaurant & Piano Bar – None listed.

Havana Nights Piano Bar – Bobby Gangloff, 6-9 (Every Thurs)

Mulligans – none listed

Orchid Island Brewery – Neal McHugh, 7-9 pm New!

Riverside Café none listed

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Christopher Fenn, 6:30-9:30 (Every Thursday)

         Waldo’s –  none listed

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday 1/26

Hello all, 

                                   Monday 1/26

                                  Mainland Vero           

         Blue Star Bourbon Bar – none listed 
     Cork Wine Bar – none listed

          Dockside Grille - Kent Taylor Brown, 6-9 (Every   Mon.)

     14th Avenue Steakhouse – none listed

       The Grill on the Green  none listed

       JJ’s Bar & Grill, none listed–

 Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

             Kilted Mermaid -  none listed

             Long Branch Saloon – none listed

             Quilted Giraffe Restaurant – none listed

     Wilkes Fourteen Bones BBQ – none listed

                                Beachside Venues

                     Cobalt Room   - none listed

          DiMare Restaurant – none listed

                     Havana Nights Piano Bar –  (Piano Bar every night)

          Orchid Island Brewery – none listed

                    Riverside Café, -None listed

                    Vinz Wine Bar Neil McHugh, 6:30 – 9:30
               Waldo’s – none listed, 1-4

Friday, January 23, 2015

Saturday 1/24 and Sunday 1/25


Hello everyone, 

Ok, so the absolutely perfect weather is not predicted to last through the entire weekend, but I can't help but get that thrill when we have one of those days! Hope you enjoyed it. 

                           Saturday, 1/24
                               Mainland Vero

         Blue Star Bourbon Bar – Soul Jam, 8:30pm
    Cork and Tapasnone listed, 8-11
   Dockside Grille –MJ Wicker, 6-9 (Every Sat.)

   14th Avenue Steakhouse – none listed  
        Grille on the Green none listed ,   7:30

       JJ’s Bar & Grill, (87th & Rt.60)- none listed, 8pm  - midnight.    

       Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

        Kilted Mermaid – Chamomile & Whiskey,  8:30 – 11:30   

       Long Branch Saloon –Casey Raines Band,  9- 1am Dancing!

      The Pationone listed, 8-11

      Quilted Giraffe Restaurant – Groovin’ Groundhogs,  6:30 – 9:30                               
      Vero Beach Vets Lou Phillips,  6pm – 10pm 

     Wilke’s 14 Bones BarBQ – Steve Milligan Band, 6-8pm (every Sat)  

Misc : 
St. Helen Catholic Church presents:
Benefit: St. Helen Youth Group
British Invasion Tribute*Oldies Dancing
featuring: “Live” Special Guest
 “The Dolls”
Sat., January 24th at 7 PM (New start time)
St. Helen Parish Center
2050Vero Beach Ave, 32960
FREE Hot Dogs*Pizza*Snacks
Soft Drinks*Drink Mixers*BYOB
Door Prizes only $15.00
Ticket Hotline/Groups/Reservations
Tickets available at St. Helen Church Office
Religious Ed Office/Jerry at the Hotline
Don’t Miss the MANIA!
                                 Beachside Venues
Cobalt Room Schedule coming soon,

DiMare’s Restaurant & Piano Bar – none listed,  6-9

Havana Nights Piano Bar – Antonio York, 6-9

Mulligan’s – MJ Wicker, 1-4 (Every Sat.)

Riverside Café – Keeping It Civil,  9:30  - 1:30, Dancing!

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Lee Roads, classic acoustic rock,   6:30
                                                                         (every Saturday)

Waldo’s – Fish & Chips,   1 - 4  
                None listed,  8-11 pm


                             Sunday, 1/25
                                Vero Mainland    


    Blue Star Bourbon Bar – none listed

Chive Restaurant – none listed, 4pm    New!

        Cork and Tapas Wine – Jazz, 5 pm  (call for info)

       Dockside Grille  Sally and Marschall, Every Sun, 3-6

        14th Avenue Steakhouse none listed

        The Grille on the Green  Doo Wop, Tony and Johnny, 4-8

   JJ’s (on 60) – none listed,  8 - midnight

Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

        Kilted Mermaid none listed,   8:30-11:30

        The Long Branch – none listed

    Quilted Giraffe Restaurant – none listed   

                                    Beachside Venues

        DiMare’s Restaurant & Piano Bar – None listed

        Havana Nights Piano Bar “Music every night!”

     Mulligan’s – MJ Wicker, 1-4 (Every Sun.)

        Riverside Café – none listed 6-8

        Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Closed Sun

        Waldo’s – Chamomile & Whiskey,  1-4