Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TUES 5/3,


                        Tuesday 5/3
                   Mainland Vero

  Blue Star Brasserie – TBA,  piano– 7pm

 Grille on the Green none listed

      JJ’s Bar and Grill –none listed

     Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

The Kilted Mermaid – none listed

The Long Branch Saloon – none listed

The Patio – Dueling Pianos, Kent Taylor Brown and Johnny Nick.      7 – 10 pm.   Great place, great music. ! [Every Tues]

The Quilted Giraffe Restaurant – none listed

 Sumo House – Joe Caragol & Victoria Cole, jazz, 6-9

                            Beachside Venues

Cobalt Room – none listed

        Grind and Grape – “Tuesday Bluesday” jam w/ Dave Scott,  7:30
                                                                                                         [Every Tuesday]

        Havana Nights Piano Bar – Piano music and vocalist, every night

        Riverside Café none listed,  6- 8:30

Vinz Wine Bar – Bobby G, 6:30 – 9:30

     Waldo’s – none listed

Saturday, April 30, 2016

SAT 4/30, SUN 5/1,MON 5/2


Hello all, 

Is it really in the high 80's already! I feel the broiler turning up, but..at least we still have those breezes. 

Meanwhile, it's the weekend. 

                             Saturday, 4/30
                           Mainland Vero

         Blue Star Brasserie –  Rebecca McIlvain, romantic soul,  7:30                           
         Grille on the Green - none listed

       JJ’s Bar & Grill, (87th & Rt.60)- none listed

       Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

        Kilted Mermaid – Matt Rosman, 8:30 – 11:30   

       Long Branch Saloon – Southern Exposure,  9- 1am Dancing!

      The Patio- none listed   8:30– 11:00

      Quilted Giraffe – TBA,  6 – 9pm        

      Sumo House – Donnie Height, acoustic oldies, 6-9  (Every Sat.)

     VB Vets – Fred Cook ?, 6pm                   
      Vero Beach Elks – Kent Taylor Brown,  7pm – 10pm 
     Misc :
                                 Beachside Venues
Cobalt Room – Josh Dobson,   7 - 11 (Every Sat)
                Unless there is a private party!

     Grind and Grape – The Jacks,  8pm

Havana Nights Piano Bar – Antonio York, piano/vocalst 6-9 (Every Sat.)

Mulligan’s – MJ Wicker, 1-4, acoustic guitar/vocals (Every Sat.)
Orchid Island Brewery – none listed, 8pm

Orchid Island Brewery – Time Machine , 8pm

Riverside Café None listed,  9:30 – 1:30am,

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Red Tail Hawk, 7:30

Waldo’s – Mingle Wood– 1pm
                 Annie Piper – 8pm

                        Sunday, 5/1
                                Vero Mainland    

           Blue Star Brasserie – none listed,   7:30

                       Grille on the Green   none listed

         JJ’s (on 60) – none listed,

    Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed
     Kilted Mermaid –Zack Jones  ,  8:30-10:30

    The Long Branch – none listed

    The Patio – none listed

              Quilted Giraffe Restaurant none listed
          Misc:  Bacci Tratoria for Breakfast!  Kent Taylor Brown 9am -1pm
              1918 14th Ave.  (Every Sunday)
            Kent is also at: Harbor Cove Restaurant on Saturday from 5-8
                                    Beachside Venues

           Grind and Grape – Melinda Elena,   4 pm

                  Havana Nights Piano Bar – “Music every night!”

         Mulligan’s – MJ Wicker, 1-4 (Every Sun.)

               Riverside Café none listed,  4-7    

                Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Closed Sun

               Waldo’s – TBA   1-4

Sunday May 1, Heaton's Reef Pool Bar, VB Hotel & Spa, 
Dirk Howell

Vero Beach Eagles - Steven Milligan, JAM, 5 pm.

Here's a link to Kent Taylor Browns website;

Start the week off right with Kent Taylor Brown, Peter Armfield and an array of guest singers at the Patio Seafood Restaurant, 6-9, every Monday.

                                   Monday 5/2  
                                  Mainland Vero

             Blue Star Brasserie – Closed Mondays 

            The Grill on the Green  none listed

       Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed

                     Kilted Mermaid - none listed

                    Long Branch Saloon – none listed

          Patio Seafood Restaurant – Kent Taylor Brown ,keyboards/vocals,  with Peter Armfield, bass, 6-9pm  [Every Monday]
Quilted Giraffe Restaurant – none listed

          Vero Beach Vets – none listed  


                                Beachside Venues

                     Cobalt Room   - none listed

          Grind and Grape – Jazz with Jeff and Kenny, 7:30 pm  [Every Mon]

                     Havana Nights Piano Bar –  (Piano music every night)

                    Riverside Café, none listed

                    Vinz Wine Bar Bobby G, 6:30 – 9:30
               Waldo’s – none listed  1-4












Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WED 4/27, THURS 4/28, FRI 4/29

Hello Vero's live music lovers, 

        I got a letter!       

Hi Tricia,
It was really nice meeting you last night at the Patio. Again thank you so much for your hard work in doing the verobeachlive. It was a great help in letting me know where and who were playing in the different places. Also I so enjoyed your singing. You just keep that talent going for yourself.
 I'm going back to the Patio tonight for Dueling Piano's.. Hopefully I may see you there. If not you take care.


You are very welcome, Camille. 

ps. Anyone who appreciates and uses this site, please write me at verobeachlive@gmail.com. It keeps me inspired! 

                 Wednesday, 4/27
                 Mainland Ver0

          Blue Star Brasserie – Don Bestor, piano, 7pm
           Grille on the Green – none listed 6 -9

JJs Bar and Grill – Joe Chiarello, (Every Wed)

          Kelley’s Irish Bar- none listed  

Kilted Mermaid –Open Mic, (every Wednesday) 8:30 – 11:30   

         The Long Branch Saloon – none listed (Line dance lessons!)

         The Patio  - Sybil Gage,  6 – 9pm  (Every Wednesday)

          Quilted Giraffe –DooWop Johnny and Tony, 6pm –9pm  
                     [Every Wednesday – Make reservations early! ]     Dancing!

            The Sumo House – Donnie Height, Oldies, acoustic, 6-9 [every      Wednesday]
          Vero Beach Veterans – Wanda’s Karaoke, 7pm

           Beachside Venues

Cobalt Room – none listed, 7-10

          Grind and Grape- S.E.A. jazz,R&B duo,  7:30  [Every Wed]

          Havana Nights Piano Bar – Piano, vocalist, 6 – 9  (Every Wed

Riverside Café – none listed - 5:30 - 8:30 pm  

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Rebecca McIlvain,  6:30-9:30

Waldo’s –  Rick Collins & Co.7-10  [Every Wednesday]


                  Thursday, 4/28

                 Mainland Vero
              (‘ None listed’ means no music that I know about.)

      Blue Star Brasserie – Norm Guarni, piano   7pm

Grille on the Green – none listed

JJ’s Bar & Grill – none listed

Kelley’s Irish Bar and Deli – none listed
          Kilted Mermaid – none listed, 8 – 12am

           Long Branch Saloon – They’ve got line dancing! Free lessons

          Patio Restaurant – none listed
         Quilted Giraffe – Johnny Nick, 6:30 to 9:30

         Sumo House – Joe Caragol & Victoria Cole, 6-9 (Every Thurs)            

Vero Beach Veterans – none listed,  8pm


Beachside Venues

Cobalt Room  - none listed

Grind and Grape –  Quick Fix,  8pm

          Havana Nights Piano Bar – Piano, vocalist, 6-9 (Every Thurs)   

      Orchid Island Brewery – none listed 7pm   

Riverside Café – none listed

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Donnie Haight, 6:30 – 9:30

         Waldo’s – Joe DeCosta , 7pm

                             Friday, 4/29
                             Mainland Vero    

         Blue Star Brasserie Logan Fillazola, piano   7:30

        Grille on the Green – none listed   6:00 – 9:00 Dance!

        JJ’s Bar and Grill, – none listed, 7:30 – 11:30

Kelley’s Irish Pub and Deli -  Déjà vu! 8 – 11, (Every Friday) Dance !  

Kilted Mermaid – Matt Sam’s Band ,    8:30 – 11:30     
      Long Branch Saloon, Southern Exposure,   9–1 ishDance!
The Patio – Dave Scott Band,   8:30– 11:30

Quilted Giraffe –  Tony and Holly ,   6-9pm  Dance!   

Sumo House – Donnie Haight, acoustic oldies, 6-9 (every Fri)

 V B Veterans Club - Wanda’s Karaoke,  7 pm (Every Fri)

C.J. Cannons Restaurant –Debbie Murphy sings Billy Mure, 5:30
                                                                                             [Every Friday]   

Misc   VB American Legion – Kent Taylor Brown, 6-10pm

 Johnny Nick is playing at the Elks at 7pm. 

                                             Beachside Venues  

  Cobalt Room – Kurtis Wilson, or Curtis Hill  8-11 (Every other Friday)

Grind and Grape – East Harbor,  8 pm

        Havana Nights Piano Bar – Live  piano/vocalist  (Every Fri)

         Orchid Island Brewery – Voodoo Band !   8’ish

        Riverside Café – none listed

Vinz Wine and Dine Bar – Chris Fenn, 6:30-9:30                                                                                          
Waldo’s  - Greg Joy, – 8pm


Music News

Sunday May 1, Heaton's Reef Pool Bar, VB Hotel & Spa, 
Dirk Howell

Sunday Jam with Steven Milligan
Sunday, May 1 at 5 PM
Vero Beach Eagles 4374 in Vero Beach, Florida
JR'S   Southern Exposure 
Saturday, May 21 at 8:30 PM
JR's American Bar & Grill in Vero Beach, Florida
Here's a link to Kent Taylor Browns website;